It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Jackie Mulligan, and I’ve spent the last nine years specializing in cutting edge digital strategy. Some of my favorite areas of marketing are paid advertising, influencer relations, organic branding, community management, and data analysis. A strong agency background has made me familiar with a variety of industries.

My ideal working environment is being part of a team of subject experts that are constantly collaborating to remain efficient and innovative.

I’m very excited to see the once-murky waters of social media being ushered into a data-accountable era, and how powerful social insights will create impact across all marketing channels.

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Data & Analytics

Now, more than ever, we are able to accurately determine the efficiency of our digital marketing efforts through data. The “black box” of what we consider lost insight, especially regarding social media, gets smaller with each passing patch update. Data layering will be baked into my focus for 2021 and onward.

Community Management

Interacting with your consumer directly lets you keep your finger on the pulse of what your audience expects from you as a brand. It’s easy to let responding to comments and messages slip between the cracks, but both are essential to maintaining brand reliability – something that directly impacts your digital presence everywhere. I’m comfortable learning the language of whatever audience I’m connecting with at the time – be that scientific communities, tech experts, or any kind of advocate.

Paid Digital Advertising

Whether it be driving traffic or conversions, I’ve built campaigns, ads, and audiences optimized towards many different business solutions. My experience extends to all major social media platforms, search engine marketing, and affiliate channels. A full-funnel or flywheel advertising strategy can be integrated into any buying strategy.

Organic Content Creation

Even the biggest budget or the most granular targeting can’t replicate the impact that powerful creative can. Keeping track of what’s trending is more essential now than ever, as content fatigue has never been so early onset. Embracing new content types and remaining dynamic (oxymoron?) is key.

Influencer Marketing

My approach to influencer management is sustained relationship building wherever possible. Multiple rounds of partnerships with carefully selected influencers can be a powerful approach to remarketing. I have experience in influencer fraud protection – a method of data analysis that protects branding and investments. Reviewing contracts, managing agencies, and quality assurance are all seamlessly assimilated into my influencer marketing experience.